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3 reasons you need to see the North Alabama War Dawgs play pro basketball this season




1. They’re #1 in their league


The War Dawgs are currently ranked #1 in the ABA South East Region, with a 7-1 record.

Here’s the top 5 in the region:

  • North Alabama War Dawgs, 7-1
  • Nassau Pride, 6-0
  • Pensacola Lightning, 6-1
  • Atlanta Aliens, 5-3
  • Georgia Gwizzlies, 4-1

This is the War Dawgs’ fourth season as a team.

2. Different league, different rules

Avid basketball fans may notice that the ABA does things a little differently than other leagues, shaking up the expectations for fans and players alike.

Rule changes in the ABA include:

  • Season length: The season runs November-April.
  • Half-court violation: ABA teams have 7 seconds to get over the half-court line, as opposed to 8 seconds in the NBA.
  • 3D light: If the team does not get across the half-court line in time, the 3D light activates. While the 3D light is on, 2-point shots are worth 3 points, 3-point shots are worth 4 points, and half-court shots are worth 5 points.
  • Fouls: Players cannot foul out of the game. After six fouls, the player receives a technical foul and the other team receives the ball. Any foul after the sixth foul results in an automatic technical foul.
3. Games are fun and affordable

It’s a proven fact that live sports are at least 87% more exciting than sports on television. (Source? Believe me, I know.) The War Dawgs have a roster stacked with talented pro ballers, including alumni from Auburn University and Huntsville’s own Oakwood University.

Throughout the rest of the season, they’re working to defend their status as first in the ABA South East Region against opponents from near and far, ranging from the Huntsville Rockets to the Shizouka Gymrats, who are traveling nearly 7,000 miles from Japan.

And, I’m all about an exciting time that doesn’t break the bank.

  • General admission tickets to War Dawgs games are only $10 right now.
  • Students get in for $7.
  • Elementary students get in for free.
  • Plus, they offer a military discount: admission is only $5 for active duty service members and veterans.

Tickets are available for purchase online now. (

The 2023 home schedule

The North Alabama War Dawgs only have 5 home games left this season. Here’s when you can catch them:

  • Saturday, January 21: North Alabama War Dawgs vs. Atlanta Aliens, 7:15PM
  • Sunday, January 22: North Alabama War Dawgs vs. South Atlanta Crows, 4PM
  • Saturday, February 4: North Alabama War Dawgs vs. Huntsville Rockets, 7:30PM
  • Sunday, February 12: North Alabama War Dawgs vs. Shizuoka Gymrats, 4PM
  • Saturday, March 4: North Alabama War Dawgs vs. Georgia Gwizzlies, 7:15PM

The War Dawgs will also take on the Gulf Coast Hoopers at the Legacy Arena in Birmingham on Sunday, March 5.

Ready to cheer on the North Alabama War Dawgs? Get your tickets now. (


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