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The North Alabama War Dawgs tip off this weekend—here’s what you need to know


If you’ve never been to a War Dawgs game, it’s the perfect time to become fan. This professional basketball team is tipping off their season this Saturday, and we’ve got all the details about what’s in store.

Keep reading to find out about the team, what they’ll be up to this season, what the team’s all about and the league that they play in.

What is the North Alabama War Dawgs?

The North Alabama War Dawgs was founded in 2019, and they’re back again for their fourth season this year. They’re a professional basketball team that plays in the American Basketball Association League (more on that later).

Last season, the War Dawgs went to the ABA playoffs, and two of the players, Chase Sturdivant and Tanner Finley, were named ABA All-Stars.

The team is composed of 11 players from various athletic backgrounds. But, they do have one thing in common: their excitement for this season.

What’s in store

The team is fired up for this season, which has already begun with their away game against the Clarksville Phoenix. 

The team will play their home opener at James Clemens High School this Saturday, November 5. They’ll face off against the Jackson Showboats at 7:30PM. You can get tickets here!

The team will continue to play home games at James Clemens High School on several weekends November through March. They encourage fans to bring their families, because that’s what the War Dawgs are all about.

A family affair

War Dawgs basketball is all about family. Cory Walker, the team’s Marketing Manager, told us that they encourage people to bring their family and kids to games.

But it’s not just about family by blood. The team is a family.

We spoke the players and coaching staff, and the theme of family echoed through their comments. Tavian Roundtree, one of the team’s new players, emphasized the family aspect of the team.


“They welcome you with open arms. . .They’ll do anything for you.”

Tavian Roundtree, North Alabama War Dawgs basketball player

Taylor Vasquez, a point guard for the War Dawgs, noted that half the team is new, but they already have great chemistry—you can often find them laughing and joking. The coaching staff fosters that family environment among the team and beyond.

Everybody here—the whole organization—is a family.”

Reuben Cable, North Alabama War Dawgs assistant coach

These players are ready to take the court this season—as a family—and they have their eye on the ABA champion title.

What’s the ABA?

The American Basketball Association was founded in 1967 and merged with the NBA in 1976. In 2000, it was reformed and reestablished as the ABA. Today, it is the largest professional sports league in the nation, with many teams from all over the United States.

So, ready to join in cheering on your local ABA team? Here’s where you can find the North Alabama War Dawgs.

  • Home Game Location: James Clemens High School, 11306 County Line Rd, Madison, AL 35756
  • Schedule (
  • Tickets (
  • Website: (
  • Facebook (
  • Instagram (

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